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Launching 2019.

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We are about to launch ProviderDirectory.com™, an online healthcare directory resource where you will be able to find all types of medical, health, wellness, senior care, and other healthcare-related providers so you get the information you need, when you need it.  We will launch shortly (we have just begun alpha testing).

Currently there is nothing like it on the web.  Sure, insurance companies have their own directories, but to get listed, providers must contract with that insurance company and accept their payment schedule.  But what if you need a healthcare provider that’s not covered by your health plan?  What if you want to see other provider options outside of your health plan network?  What if you want to find a provider that does not accept insurance?  Ever try to search for providers with one of the online search engines?  Frustrating to say the least.  That’s where we come in.

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Consumers: Get an email alert when ProviderDirectory.com launches so you can set up your profile and save your favorites to your own personal "My Directory".

Providers: Get an email alert when ProviderDirectory.com launches so you can get your practice listed, including information on your practice and specialty, links to your website and social media, maps and directions, embed an infomercial, practice photos, and even offer coupon deals to your customers.

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What is ProviderDirectory.com?

For Consumers:

We are a resource for consumers to locate and refer providers of all types:  Medical providers like hospitals, urgent care clinics, labs, doctors, surgeons, specialists, dentists, orthodontists, and ophthalmologists.  Healthcare providers like chiropractors, optometrists, psychologists and counselors.  Wellness providers like massage therapy, nutrition centers, smoking cessation and weight loss centers.  Senior Care providers including hospice, assisted and independent living facilities, home health care, personal care, and support communities.  Other Service providers like medical transportation and more.

For Providers:

We are an online listing directory for medical, healthcare, wellness, and senior care providers where consumers can find and refer them easily.  Providers can post contact information, location, social media links, website and map links, hours of operation, summary of services, credentials, insurance and network affiliation (if any), and even post promotions or offer special group-style coupon "Deals" to attract new patients, clients, and customers.